The main strategic goal of "Borovichi Refractories Plant":

• Maintaining and increasing the share of JSC “BRP” in the markets of refractory products and services in Russia and CIS
• The growth of social responsibility and the social significance of JSC “BRP”;

The main activities defined by corporate strategy of JSC “BRP”:

• Development and implementation of new refractory products with regard to the changes incorporated by consumers, the main trends of science and industry development . Achieving competitive advantage among Russian and foreign enterprises that product refractories and proppants.
• Production of "traditional" products of JSC “BRP” in the amount sufficient to meet the needs of the refractory products market
• Providing an integrated approach to meeting the needs of clients, including design of thermal generating units, the supply of refractory products, monitoring and maintenance during operation
• Provision of high-quality refractory products and services that fully meet the requirements of customers
• Continuous updating and modernization of JSC “BRP” production base, the ability to quickly meet the needs of customers in the supply of refractory products
• Diversification of production by sectors and regions
• Development of a wide regional distribution network
• Consistent staffing policy aimed at training qualified specialists for the needs of JSC “BRP”, conservation of the traditions, strengthening of ties among the Company’s personnel
• Responsible environmental policy aimed at economical use, recovery and regeneration of natural resources, providing acceptable environmental conditions of life activity in the region
• Targeted social policy aimed at the harmonious combination of public, corporate, and personal interests of the Company’s employees, active participation in the political life of the region.

The main activities defined by functional strategies of JSC “BRP”:

Marketing strategy.

The main purpose of marketing strategy is growth in sales due to the best approaches to pricing, distribution and promotion of products and services in targeted market segments, based on the study and meeting the needs of clients in traditional and new refractory products

The main activities defined by the marketing strategy of JSC “BRP”:

• Geographical expansion of the distribution network
• Integration with leading foreign manufacturers and suppliers of refractory products, designed to meet the requirements of consumers in packaged supplies
• Industry-specific specialization of sales network subdivisions (allocation of a target group of managers, serving consumers of a particular industry)
• Implementation of targeted programs of interaction with VIP-clients, arrangement of business offices at the clients’ location
• Expanding the practice of providing consumers with a comprehensive service of thermal generating units from the design stage to the maintenance during operation

Production strategy.

The main purpose of the production strategy is increasing the company's competitiveness by achieving an optimal balance of cost and quality, and reducing production run.

Production strategy is based on a forecast of development of refractory products markets and services in Russia and CIS countries.

Priorities for activities defined by industrial strategy:

• Deep modernization of the existing processes, the priority development of new products and services that are in demand by the customers
• Creation of flexible production lines that allow quickly reacting to customers’ orders, producing both small and large production lots
• Development of own raw material base, including through the use of old fields
• Implementation of energy saving technologies.

Investment Strategy.

The main objective of the investment strategy is effective support for the implementation of functional strategies within the corporate strategy of JSC “BRP”.

The following is defined during forming of the investment strategy of JSC «BRP»:

• priorities for investments, investment package plans (projects) aimed at gaining and strengthening the market business positions in the medium to long term perspective
• optimal allocation of resources among areas of investment, inclusive of accomplishment of mission of minimizing risk and maximizing profitability (return) of capital invested in the investment projects.

The investment strategy is considered by JSC “BRP” management as one of the main factors for the effective development of the company.