Fine grain reactive alumina

Reactive alumina GRT represents ready-to-use finely dispersed corundum powder.

Technical characteristics

 Rate for grade
Spec. 14-194-280-07 rev.1

Mass fraction (of baked substance), %:

SiO2, maximum

Fe2O3, maximum

Na2O, maximum





Distrubution of particles in the sizes, microns:

- D50*

- D90**




Compressive, cm2/g, не менее 8500

* 50% of particles have the size less than the one specified

** 90% of particles have the size less than the one specified

Example: D50=1,71 microns and D90=5,64 microns means that 50% of particles in a powder from all its weight have the size less than 1,71 microns, 90% of particles - the size less than 5,64 microns.

GRT is specially developed product, which application in manufacture of refractories allows reaching the following results:
− Decrease temperature of sintering and synthesis of necessary phases at burning due to high reactive capability;
− Obtain denser particle-particle packing and denser material structure being more resistant to influence of aggressive reagents in manufactue of fire-resistant low- and ultra-low cement concretes;
− Improve physical and operational characteristics of concretes and concrete products due to denser structure, for example:
• Mechanical durability ("cold" and high-temperature);
• Abrasive stability, etc.
Jet alumina GRT is a synthetic product made of highly-purity technical alumina, which results in low content of trace constituents.